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I’m glad Sapp doesn’t have a vote. The tiger does not pay attention to the opinion of a sheep. [...] When you really measure him, he comes up short.

I don’t understand what the problem is, to be honest with you if you have a problem with me, I’m the type of guy you come and talk to me. I’m not a coward to talk to somebody else when I have somebody’s number. I’m going to come to you and tell you if I have a problem. So I don’t understand what this whole thing is about.

I am. I’m all hype. I lasted 15 years on all hype. I had 141-and-a-half career sacks — all hype. The coaches put me out there because that was hype. I played left end, that made me get sacks. Reggie White, he was hyped, too. Didn’t he play left end? Yeah, I was all hype. They never looked at me and said I should give money back for stealing. I did it as hard as I could do it, the best that I could do it for 15 years. I left it and now it’s a part of my life. It’s not my entire life. For some guys that is their life. That’s all they have left to hold on to.

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