When Harvard Met Suge: What do Rappers Have in Common with NYTimes Wedded Couples?
by ATodd


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At first blush you might not think that rappers have much in common with couples in the New York Times weddings section, but you'd be wrong! Both groups are highly status conscious, politically active, and career focused. Let's use the Wedding Crunchers and Rap Stats databases side by side to see where there might be some overlap!

When we search for a term, we'll plot the frequency of that term in the NYT weddings section alongside the term's frequency in rap lyrics

Presidents of the United States

You can work for them or rap about them! Many presidential staffers have appeared in the NYT weddings section over the years, and rappers are never shy about expressing their political opinions:

Trinidad James might just marry her:

Brandz a Make Her Dance

Google employees get hitched more often than their employer is mentioned in rap lyrics, while Twitter's popularity among rappers far outpaces the rate at which its employees get married (in the NYT, at least). Facebook: dead even!

Louis Vuitton: popular with everybody



Law Enforcement

Grab Bag!!

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