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At the corner of the canteen
You put down your books and gaze out with holy looks
At the corner I was sitting there
A cherry blossomed, how on earth can I compare

And it could be
For a fraction of a second
I nearly thought that I might compare
To the holy looks you gave out sitting there

Under the shelter halfway through my day
A sudden glimpse that will make everything okay

But I still try to navigate
Around the eye of the storm

Nobody seems to appreciate

And it might be
For a fraction of a second
I nearly thought that the game was fair
With those holy looks with which I cannot compare

And I've just seen a face
Carved straight out of the stars
I'd force the planets to align
If it'd make them show me where you are
I'd chisel a message into the sun
Commanding it to always shine
If you would make a move, get into that groove
And ask for five minutes of my time

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