However, the framework in which these actors were portrayed was only a subtle change from the outright racism displayed in the years previous.

from SR_thePangloss – #NewRules, New Slaves, and the Hip Hop Machine on Rap Genius


The main point here is that the media’s reflection of society is highly skewed, especially when it comes to minorities.

During the civil rights era and up until the 80’s, blacks were generally portrayed as Steppin' Fetchits or caricatures. By the 80’s, a number of “black sitcoms” contained more appropriate images of black families, yet all of these shows were highly segregated…Fresh Prince, Family Matters, The Cosby Show…Even today, only 19% of respondents say the media does a good job portraying black culture

Portrayal in the media is part of a larger cultural narrative. These narratives are connected to both the past and the future, as they often inform us of core cultural values.

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