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[John Colby on being the composer of the Sportscenter theme song]

Like many other musicians were saying, I could do something better than this musically.

But, I was the guy that called ESPN, and this is what I came up with for the Sportscenter theme (Very Newsy).

Now that theme, as I recall, was an existing theme that I then took and modified. The current incarnation is very aggressive, it's what I would call almost Techno and this was done by another group...and the last one is this.

Things have really moved a long way from the original, but not so far that the viewer doesn't know where it came from and what it identifies.

Writing TV themes defines success to me. When they have legs and not only does it have impact, but it has longevity over time and people don't get tired of it.

We're talking about an institution, which is Sportcenter. Everybody knows it, everybody watches it, it's absolutely a universal thing. And it's a tremendously gratifying thing as an artist to be a part of it, whatever the small part of it is.

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