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Now that we have channels, every group has its own set of postlets - swag! For those of you who can make them, here's how to do it right, from the start.

Making a postlet is easy. Just hit this button, paste the link to the song page/blog post/album you want to feature, then write the "sample" text that makes up the meat of the postlet.

Postlets get featured on the "front" page in order, from #0 (it's a computing meme) to #9. To have a postlet sling up to the front page, just type {{{featured X}}} (X being a rank (0-9)) in the "Note/Context" section, like so. You'll notice that this one is in position 0, the very top. Save this space, unless there's nothing better, for verified content and HUGE memes.

So now you have 5 dope postlets, but want to add more. Instead of just putting it in the slot you want, you now have to groom all of the other postlets, adjusting their {{{featured}}} numbers to be in order and fixing the style.

Here's how: go here, then change these to be in order (0-9). Do not use {{{featured 10}}} or more!

Hit this button for each postlet you change, every time you change it.

Now you're a postlet champion! Pat yourself on the back, try it again, and keep at it - once you have it down, you'll be golden. Note that the # hashtag meme that used to make one postlet have bigger font no longer works!

Every time you make a postlet, cop a quick look at the front page and clean up any stale content, weird postlets, or odd arrangements. Also do this from time to time. If something looks off, like a huge verified artist stuck under a blog post or three blog posts lined up in a row, either fix it or ask the author about the meme.

When removing a postlet, either remove the {{{featured}}} line and save it, or hit delete. The former saves the postlet, in case it needs to be used later.

For channels, postlets only appear in the channel you select. So that means no more "it all goes on"

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