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Rap Genius is at an unusual point in our history: we’re one of the fastest-growing sites on the internet, we get 30 million unique visitors per month, we’ve raised $15,000,000 from Andreessen Horowitz, and yet our tech team is still only 8 people.

This makes it a best-of-both-worlds–type situation for anyone who joins now: you'll have a huge role in shaping a product that a ton of people are already obsessed with, you'll get to build the team, but at the same time you'll still make a lot of money, eat a grip of sushi, and not have to worry that we're going out of business.

Another benefit is you get to work with seriously smart people! It’s impossible to make it through our interview without being truly amazing, which is why we created The Rap Genius Genius Grant™ – everyone who gets a job offer ALSO gets $1,000 cash on the spot just for being awesome (whether or not you take the job).

Who we are

We’re a tiny team that ships code every day. Each of us makes product decisions and owns whole features.

Here are some books and things we're interested in:

You don't have to love rap to work here (though an appreciation osmoses to everyone after a while).

What we’re building

We started Rap Genius in 2009 to explain the meaning of rap lyrics, but the big vision goes beyond music and touches all of text—whether it’s the Bill of Rights, the Bible, “The Waste Land”, or the Supreme Court’s DOMA ruling, it’s all on Rap Genius (or Poetry Genius, or News Genius, or… you get the idea). One of our favorite recent examples is Junot Diaz’s amazing annotations on an excerpt from his own The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.

Who you'll work with


  • Bomb salary and equity
  • We don’t count vacation days
  • Free meals in the office, free unlimited Seamless, free unlimited Fresh Direct
  • Free gym in the building
  • We pay your phone bill and when you join we’ll upgrade you to the newest iPhone (or, if you insist, Droid (just kidding, you’re getting an iPhone))
  • Laundry and shower in the office
  • Free indoor bike parking
  • Free health, dental, and vision benefits
  • The deluxe computer setup of your choice

What we’re looking for

  • Experienced full-stack Rails engineers
  • Front-end developers with an eye for design
  • iOS devs to build our iPhone app from the ground up

Interested? Write to jobs@rapgenius.com with:

  • Your name and GitHub profile, your Twitter, blog, StackOverflow account, personal website, etc. The more, the better
  • Something impressive that you've built that exists online: a cool side project you built, a library you’ve released, etc.
  • Your résumé
  • Location—you can’t get the true RG cult effect working remotely, so only apply if you live in NYC or are willing to relocate. Our office is in Williamsburg.

Edit news description to add:

  • Historical context: how the event or text affects the world and history
  • An explanation of the work's overall story (example: "Here, President Obama confirms the legality of drone strikes...")
  • The work's impact on current issues
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