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By this point, you've seen everything on Rap Genius, from lyrics, Supreme Court cases, and interviews to recipes, leaked government documents, and even menus. What else could possibly be added?


Chances are, if you have been on the Internet some time in the past 16 years, you've seen a blog. Like a personal journal or your own newspaper, you can write, share, and talk about whatever you want.

Did you know that you can do this on News Genius? You can! And the awesome benefit is that every post is fully annotatable, just like your favorite song!

If you are interested in setting one up, hit up Gavin and let him know. We'll get you on your way!

For now, here are the top 3 blogs already going on the site!

1. The Official Blog of Josh Walker

2. Jimmy Sprinkles

3. Nkenge Productions

Read up and find out more about your fellow Rap Genius users. And get your own!

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  • Historical context: how the event or text affects the world and history
  • An explanation of the work's overall story (example: "Here, President Obama confirms the legality of drone strikes...")
  • The work's impact on current issues
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