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UPDATE 2/17: Rap Genius responds to Heroku's 2nd apology

Yesterday, one of our customers let us know about significant performance issues they have experienced on Heroku. They raised an important issue and I want to let our community know about it. In short, Ruby on Rails apps running on Bamboo have experienced a degradation in performance over the past 3 years as we have scaled.

We failed to explain how our product works. We failed to help our customers scale. We failed our community at large. I want to personally apologize, and commit to resolving this issue.

Our goal is to make Heroku the best platform for all developers. In this case, we did not succeed. But we will make it right. Here’s what we are working on now:

• Posting an in-depth technical review tomorrow
• Quickly providing more visibility into your app’s queue of web requests
• Improving our documentation and website to accurately reflect our product
• Giving you tools to understand and improve the performance of your apps
• Working closely with our customers to develop long-term solutions

I am committing to listening to you, acting quickly to meet your needs and making sure Heroku is a platform that you trust for all of your applications. If you have additional concerns, please let me know. My email address is oren.teich@heroku.com.

Oren Teich GM, Heroku

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