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This the McResource Line. How can I help you?

I’m Nancy. I wanted more information about some help that I need.

I can give you a number that will be helpful. You can ask about things like food pantries. Are you on SNAP? SNAP is a supplemental nutritional assistance program - food stamps. Do you have kids?

Yeah, I have two kids.

You would most likely be eligible for SNAP benefits.

I’m rationing food - I didn’t know about this!

You know, it’s a federal program. The federal money comes down to the states and the states administer it.

What about, like, the doctor?

Did you try to get on Medicaid? Medicaid is a federal program. It’s health coverage for low income or no income adults -- and children.

Let me find the number that you can call in Chicago to find help with all of your questions.

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