LeBron James – Q&A on Twitter [Oct 18, 2013]


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It's been awhile since I've done this, so let's go. Q & A for 15 mins. Starting now. GO

@KingJames whats your favorite video game?"(NBA 2k14, Madden 25 and COD)

@KingJames favorite spot to eat in Miami? AND GO HEAT!"(My wife loves Zuma so I do too)

@KingJames Do you agree that kobe is only rank 25 among nba players? If not, what rank should he be?"(He's top 5 for sure. #HOFer)

@KingJames what aspects of your game did you improve on this off season?"(Every aspect. Not satisfied where my game is today)

@KingJames who's your best friend?"( @SavannahRB My wife)

@KingJames would you ever consider playing in one pro football game? In any league?"(I wanna play one NFL game before it's over)

@KingJames favorite pair of Jordans?"(3s and 11s)

@KingJames how good will D-Wade be this year?"(He's going to be great!! He's back)

@KingJames funniest player on your team?"(James Jones, DWade, Ray and myself. Oh yeah also Bird and Rashard)

@KingJames do you like Marshawn Lynch?"(Yes he's a beast. Better tackle him with 4 guys)

@KingJames what do you think about Indy owners comments about peyton manning?"(Both sides are winning. Good for both parties)

@KingJames how does the lebron 11 feel when playing in them?"(Amazingly! Lighter than the 10)

@KingJames how was playing with Mike Miller?"(He's awesome! Still sucks that he's gone. Memphis has a great one)

@KingJames if you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be?"(Michael Jackson, MLK, Marilyn Monroe)

@KingJames who was your celebrity crush as a child"(Kelly and Lisa off save by the bell, halle berry and Jessica rabbit)

@KingJames do you think you could win a 3pt contest? Because you can."(Yeah I could. If I catch fire then it's on!)

@KingJames who's your favorite rapper"(Jay-Z, Kanye and Drake)

@KingJames have u ever think about make a movie like Space Jam? Could be great!"(Think about it a lot. Would be great!)

@KingJames how is your relationship with Beasley since he signed?"(Great! I love him. Misunderstood. He can flat out hoop)

@KingJames best basketball game ever"(Game 6 NBA Finals 2013)

@KingJames who's the hardest player you've had to defend?"(Melo, KD, Kobe, DRose, CP, DWade, TMac)

@KingJames do you like or hate being compared to MJ?"(It's tough being compared to the greatest but I love challenges)

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