Jennifer Hudson – Gone

Produced By: Hit-Boy & Polow Da Don

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[Verse 1]
Can you
Imagine what it
Would be like if we never met
We never kissed
Can you
Imagine if we
Never got to spend those nights
In each other's arms?

But I
Don't know how it feels
But it probably would kill me
Probably would tear me down
So I
I don't think about it
Cause my heart can't take it
If you were gone

If you were gone (x8)

[Verse 2]
Can you
Picture yourself
Getting ?
With someone else
I can't
Cause I feel like we
Are the exception to the rule
I know this love is true



Don't rewind anything
Too excited to see what tomorrow brings yeah
You changed my world around
And I'm not scared to go fall down in love
What if you were gone


If you were
If you were
If you were gone
If you were (I can't imagine)
If you were (I can't imagine)
If you were gone
If you were gone

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