Bosco_The_Bear – The Sun's Shining

Produced By: Big Wang

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[Verse 1]
Wiener in my mouth, another wiener in my butt
Been jacking off so much, my dick's full of cuts
Haven't showered in weeks, my afro's got some bugs
I try to impress everyone on the forums by talking about drugs
Used to be Maxi, but now my name's Bosco
I'll suck your dick for a price cheaper than a bulk pack of asparagus at Cosco's
More like Aldi, only 16 and I'm balding
My fake tits are made of the same material as basketballs by Spalding
Dick small enough to fit in the cap of a pen
After watching gay porn all day, most amount of times I fapped is ten
My rhymes are similar to Lemson...they suck mad dick
My rhymes are like Donny Bravo's rap career...they suck mad dick
I'm the best rapper on this site, even better than Psyonik
Kill his career, say a prayer, and then dine on it

I'm not even based
Don't want Lil B to fuck my bitch, I want him to poop on my face
I Renegade myself on my own track
Dropped an Ether, turned out to be a Ghoulish, flopped like Shaq
In my opinion, Childish Gambino is the Woat
The things I'd love to do to him in a trench coat
I'm underaged tho, so don't let Chris Hansen know

I want to pitch his tent, then catch his pitch
But my dick is Mykro, nothing rhymes with Hulk Smash

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