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October 1st:

Hello, and welcome to lower Manhattan
Before you, you will see a spray art
by the artist Ban-sky
Or maybe not...
It's probably been painted over by now.

If however you can still make it out, you're
looking at a type of picture called graffitti
from the Latin, graffito, which means graffiti...with an O.
The children in this case represent you, and the
sign represents, well, signs...

Now let us pause for a moment to consider the
deeper meaning of this work..

[brief pause]

Okay thats long enough.
This piece is typical of Ban-sky's output relying
as it does on life size characters viewed at a level
perspective in monochrome. This effect is
achieved by spraying automotive spray paint through
an intricately cut shape in a piece of cardboard.
Or to give it its proper term...cheating.

What exactly is the artist trying to say here?
Is this a response to the primal urge to take the tools
of our oppression and turn them into mere play things?

Or perhaps it is a post-modern comment on how
the signifiers of objects have become as
real as the objects themselves

Are you kidding me?
Who writes this stuff?
Anyway, you decide. Really, please do.

I have no idea.

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