Arthur Collins – That Mysterious Rag


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Did you hear it? Were you near it?
If you weren't then you've yet to fear it
Once you've met it you'll regret it
Just because you never will forget it
If you ever wake up from your dreaming
A-scheming, eyes gleaming
Then if suddenly you take a screaming fit
That's it!

That mysterious ra-ag
While awake or while you're a-slumbering
You're saying, keep playing
That mysterious dra-ag
Are you listenin'?
Are you listenin'?
Look! Look!
You're whistlin'
That mysterious ra-ag
Sneaky, freaky ever melodious, mysterious rag

Any minute they begin it
E'er you know what you're about, you're in it
Then a feeling, most appealing
Comes a-stealing, sets your brain a-reeling
When it's too late and ev'ryone is yawning
Good morning, day dawning
Then if suddenly you hear a warning shout
Look out!


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