Adria Richards – Forking and Dongle Jokes Don't Belong At Tech Conferences


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Note: This is an excerpt from a blog post originally posted on Adria Richards' blog But You're A Girl.

UPDATE 3/21: SendGrid releases a statement offering "a more comprehensive perspective of [their decision to fire Richards]

Have you ever had a group of men sitting right behind you making joke that caused you to feel uncomfortable? Well, that just happened this week but instead of shrinking down in my seat, I did something about it an here’s my story...

Yesterday, I publicly called out a group of guys at the PyCon conference who were not being respectful to the community.

For those of you visiting from Hacker News from the tweet and from this post, thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the context.

To continue reading about how Adria responded, read her original blog post.

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