While thoroughly rejecting the uplifting images of blacks portrayed by the media.

from SR_thePangloss – #NewRules, New Slaves, and the Hip Hop Machine on Rap Genius


They say I dissed Oprah, I’m like so what
I never get to jump up and down on a sofa
Now watch me as I Cruise
like Tom through the slums
Where the education’s poor
and the children growin' dumb
In the section of the city
where saditty’s don’t come
Where Mr. Cosby and Ms. Winfrey won’t come

-Killer Mike

If you want to really learn something about a culture, look at the iconography. Hip Hop has consistently rejected black icons such as Oprah Winfrey and Cliff Huxtable because of the incredibly narrow African-American identity these icons display; an identity that supports the status quo and is much more palatable to white America.

For the perfect example of how neoconservative elites use non-threatening black icons to support their agenda of “America: not as racist as before”, look no further than this NYT article, in which Karl Rove refers to the Huxtables — a fictional domestic unit — as America’s original “African-American first family”.

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