(1) ignore it,

from SR_thePangloss – #NewRules, New Slaves, and the Hip Hop Machine on Rap Genius


Recalling that “myth of consensus”, i.e. the bandwagon effect, if the elite media ignores an event, that event simply doesn’t exist for a vast majority of people. It’s one of those “if a tree falls in the woods…” things. This can happen on a local, regional or global scale. Some prominent examples of global issues that were ignored by the media include the Khmer Rouge genocide, which went unreported in the 70s, and the Rwandan genocide, which the media completely ignored in the 90s.

Like these two examples, it’s usually marginalized people who are ignored. In this case, Hip Hop culture was universally ignored by the mainstream media throughout the 1970s. Despite this, Hip Hop flourished in the streets:

How Hip Hop — not Napster — Created P2P Sharing

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