Elite media corporations set the agenda in this country.

from SR_thePangloss – #NewRules, New Slaves, and the Hip Hop Machine on Rap Genius


This has implications for all media, not just music. In the U.S., six companies own damn near errythang in the media, ranging from publishing, distribution, television, radio, etc.

As far as radio and music/concert promotion, Clear Channel has destroyed any chance at diversity since the Telecommunications Act of ‘96. With over 1200 radio stations, they now dominate audience share in 100 of 112 major markets.

These media companies are not independent either. Each of them requires cooperation from the other. For example, Universal (NBC, owned by Comcast) needs Clear Channel to function successfully and vice versa. In this way, they’ve built a nice exclusive club of media mobsters. You’ll notice, broadcast rights to the Superbowl are rotated each year between CBS, Fox, & NBC. Hmm..what was that about capitalism and market competition?

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