No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice

from United States Congress – The U.S. Constitution (Amendments 11-27) on Rap Genius


In what some say was Washington’s ultimate exhibition of character and wisdom, Washington established unarguably the most important precedent of the Presidency: he left after two terms.

The importance of his decision to pass power on to others and establish a democracy — when he clearly could have seized all power and became an all-powerful dictator — is unparalleled. Until this amendment, the president leaving after two terms was simply a precedent, and not law.

This amendment was ratified soon after Franklin D. Roosevelt’s unprecedented 4th term. Not all Presidents wanted to abide by Washington’s two-term precedent, either. To keep one person (like FDR) from occupying the office of President for more than two terms, this amendment was created.

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